At Jaguar Audio Design, we design systems in the Seattle area and outside our area for very high end clients.  Like a lot of other people out there doing this, we believe we deliver spectacular results for our clients.  However, the point of this post and the reason for this blog is that ultimately, no one else can give you better sound than yourself.

The best sound possible, for you, is all about you listening to and experimenting with your system until you you start hearing cues inside the music that suddenly make you think, “yes, I like that”.  If we build your system, we’ll build one that makes us feel this way and many of those characteristics we’re able to bring out in the system will be ones that you also appreciate.  Even so, no one else can see into your mind, to really know what you react to.  Therefore, the path to building a system that excites you night and day lies in learning everything you can about audio and using that knowledge to create a sound that’s uniquely yours’.  In being here and reading our blog, as well as other sources out there, you’re already on your way to creating a better understanding of how to create YOUR system.