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The Grail Phono Preamplifier By Van Den Hul
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The Van Den Hul Grail Phono Preamplifier can be described as Transparent, Rich and Musical. Like all Van Den Hul gear it specializes in staying out of the way and letting the dynamics, textures and details in your music shine through.... Click To Read More
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Countries Shipped North America
Burn-In Time 300 Hours
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The Grail Phono Preamplifier By Van Den Hul


The Van Den Hul Grail Phono Preamplifier can be described as Transparent, Rich and Musical. Like all Van Den Hul gear it specializes in staying out of the way and letting the dynamics, textures and details in your music shine through.


Product Description

In this range of phono preamplifiers Jaguar offers both The Grail from Van Den Hul and the LP2.1 from Lamm and we’ve used both extensively in the Jaguar Reference System. Each product represents the pinnacle of sonic performance, but each has a notably different sonic profile…it’s not a question of better, but which sound you’re going for and how that sonic profile will fit with the other gear in your system. In broad terms, the Van Den Hul has an energetic, Spitfire quality, which is very addictive. The Lamm is more laid back and luxurious. In sports car terms, imagine the Van Den Hul as a Lotus and the Lamm as a Mercedes roadster.

van den hul grail


  • A specific designed Phonograph preamplifier section, unique in the world
  • Phonograph RIAA – equalization with coils only, no sound impairing capacitors in filters
  • Special printed circuit board material with gold conducting paths
  • The printed circuit board has a special seating to evade microphonics
  • Special equipment foot made of selected wood avoids mechanical energy storage
  • Low noise moving coil input stage, no annoying noise even with low-output cartridges
  • Automatic adapting input stage for moving coil cartridges, no matching resistors needed
  • Possibility to compensate phonograph cartridge sensitivity (level adjustment)
  • Cut out of coupling capacitors in the signal path as far as possible
  • Strictly separated amplifier sections and circuit layout deliver a very natural soundstage
  • Inputs: two phonograph inputs, one for MC cartridges, one for MM or MC high-output
  • A shielded transformer is placed in an external housing to avoid hum and EMI noise
  • Power supply with Gyrators for each amplifier stage deliver very high noise cancellation
  • The external transformer is available for different mains voltages


Winner of the Positive Feedback Brustus Award!

“Like other perfectionist-quality phono preamps that have impressed MF, van den Hul’s The Grail is a current-amplification rather than voltage-amplification device, and thus is distinctly well suited to phono cartridges of very low impedance and inductance. (Note that vdH refers to this product not as a current amplifier but as an “automatic adapting input stage”; as we say in upstate New York, same difference . . . ) The Grail is a two-box design—one’s the preamp, the other the power supply—with separate RCA input jacks for MM and MC cartridges and one pair of single-ended RCA output jacks. A gain of 56, 64, or 73dB can be selected via DIP switches; loading jacks (also RCAs) are provided for those who wish to alter The Grail’s load characteristics by adding resistors or capacitors in parallel with the default load of 47k ohms, 50pF. According to MF, “The Grail produced spectacular results”—and not just with vdH’s own Colibri XGW Stradivarius Signature cartridge. That said, it was with that cartridge that The Grail impressed Mikey with “the ‘blackest’ backgrounds, out of which sprang startlingly delicate yet believably solid three-dimensional images.” (Vol.41 No.8)”


Mains Power: 115 or 230Volt, 50/60Hz
Power consumption: 7 Watts
Temperature operating range: from 15 up to 30deg. Celsius Use only in dry rooms
Max. undistorted output voltage: 25Vss (Accumulator driven version:19Vss)
Output impedance: 330 Ohms (real resistive)
Input sensitivity values: for 250mV resp. 0,707Vss output level on amplifier output

Extensive gain adjustment allows for pairing with a wide range of cartridges.

MM input:
Amplification factor 33dB: 5,6 mV
Amplification factor 41dB: 2,2 mV
Amplification factor 50dB: 0,8 mV
Input impedance: 47KOhm / 50pF

MC input:
Amplification factor 56dB: 0,4 mV
Amplification factor 64dB: 0,15 mV
Amplification factor 73dB: 0,05 mV
Input impedance: autom. matching from appr. 40 up to 400 Ohms


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