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Nanotec Systems – #309 Mission Impossible Power Cable
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The Japanese have been masters of metallurgy since the early days of the Samurai sword. The Nanotec #309 "Mission Impossible" Power Cable uses the most advanced copper in the world (called PC Triple C), coated with a micro-layer of gold and silver nano particles.... Click To Read More
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Burn-In Time 250 Hours
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Nanotec Systems – #309 Mission Impossible Power Cable

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The Japanese have been masters of metallurgy since the early days of the Samurai sword. The Nanotec #309 “Mission Impossible” Power Cable uses the most advanced copper in the world (called PC Triple C), coated with a micro-layer of gold and silver nano particles.


Product Description

We use Nanotec power cables throughout our Jaguar reference system, because when a $400 cable sounds as good as the $2,000 cables we used to use, we’ll gladly direct the money we save into other parts of our reference system.

How can the #309 sound so amazing at this price? The PC Triple C Copper in the #309 is the latest version of Japanese Continuous Crystal Copper, referred to as Lined Array Copper. Audiophiles have long known about Ohno PCOCC copper…PC Triple C Copper is the next generation copper, produced no where else in the world but Japan’s Furukawa plant…it yields an even smoother, more focused and detailed sound.

Nanotec’s secret is their ability to apply their nano technology at a Japanese manufacturing facility that produces millions of meters of cable each year for a number of high-tech applications. Tremendous economies of scale allow costs much lower than a company of this size could normally achieve and with world-class quality.

Nanotec power cables are around 11 gauge, so ideal to run high current components like our 75 watt, Class A, power amplifier from Bully Sound but they work equally well on low current components like our Aqua DAC and Lamm phono preamp.

Compared to the Nanotec #308, the #309 has a higher concentration of silver, which gives it a bit more nuance and high-frequency detail and a bit less midrange body.

Jaguar Connectors: Our cables are built with our own connectors, which cost approximately the same as the Furutech FI-11 but have nearly the same build and material quality as the much more expensive FI-50. The blades have a high purity copper core, then a silver plating and finally either gold or rhodium plating.


  • 72 strands of PC Triple PC Copper in each of the three conductors,
  • Heavy-duty, 11 gauge, excellent choice for very high-current applications,
  • PC Triple C Copper is coated in a specially formulated mixture of nano-sized Gold and Silver particles,
  • The cable jacket and conductor sheathing is made from a highly advanced vibration-absorbing elastomer material,
  • Cotton strands around the conductors, to act as a natural damping material.

Note: Contact us if you need a 20A plug instead of 15A.


Read 6Moons’ 2013 review of the Nanotec #306, to learn more about Nanotec’s technology:

Nanotec Systems soaks these conductors in a colloidal liquid of 1.5 x the density of their first liquid as used on earlier cables. For the Power Strada #306 the ratio is 95% gold to 5% silver. These particles are truly nano in size to vary from 3.5 to 8millionths of a millimeter.”

Nanotec has apparently done it again. They’ve moved up another rung on the quality ladder whilst sticking with their proven ideology of providing affordable quality through sheer ingenuity.”

Comparing to the high-priced Crystal Cable – “In the Crystal Cable the shininess of silver put the music in a spotlight. The Nanotec more bathed the music in a floodlight.”

Additional Information

Connector Selection:

  • Rhodium connectors have a leaner mid-range than Gold, which highlights the higher frequencies and sounds faster and more neutral,
  • Gold has more mid-range presence, sounds fuller, warmer and is the best choice for highly dynamic gear that has a bit of a treble edge that needs to be tamed,
  • We recommend a selection of cables with rhodium and gold connectors, so you can see which type sounds best on each particular component,
  • Our clients who spring for NCF connectors usually use them on their mains cable (and sometimes the power amplifier). Jaguar offers the Furutech FI-28 connectors for 20A components.

Connect to a Dedicated Circuit: Audiophiles will often have an electrician install a dedicated circuit, to separate their system’s circuit from appliances, lights, switches and other outlets, but this is not possible in many situations. However, sometimes you can run a long cable to an already-existing circuit (such as some appliance outlets) or just have a new circuit and outlet installed right below the breaker panel and run the cable to that outlet.

Break In: The #309 requires a minimum 200-250 hrs of break-in play. The cable will sound flat with restrained dynamics up until the moment it’s fully broken in. Just keep racking up the hours until the nuance and detail starts to sound free and effortless.


  1. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Quiet, dynamic and at a reasonable cost. From beginning to end, the transaction with Jaguar was seamless and pleasant. Will do business again.

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