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Solaris 2020 In-Ear Monitors By Campfire Audio
Product Summary:
Discover a new frontier of sound with the Campfire Solaris. Excellent sonic reproduction; now in a smaller size. Designed and hand-assembled in Portland, Oregon USA.... Click To Read More
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Countries Shipped USA
Burn-In Time 20 Hours
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Solaris 2020 In-Ear Monitors By Campfire Audio


Discover a new frontier of sound with the Campfire Solaris. Excellent sonic reproduction; now in a smaller size. Designed and hand-assembled in Portland, Oregon USA.

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Product Description

Re-engineering the critically acclaimed Solaris was no small feat. Maintaining its signature sound, but changing its exterior shape was a substantial challenge. The result of that undertaking is an exciting new earphone that captures that ‘Solaris-Sound’ in a size more people can enjoy.

Holographic presentation. Intimate detail retrieval. Soaring highs, engaging mids, and impactful bass. Music sounds like music with lifelike performances, superior layering, and unbelievable imaging. The same critically acclaimed sonic character of Solaris and Solaris SE is shared in the Solaris 2020.

Beyond the size reduction of Solaris 2020, it is also the first Solaris to incorporate our Solid-Body acoustic design. This gives more control of the interplay of the drivers, which results in a cleaner and more refined sound. Each pair of Solaris 2020 is hand-assembled in Campfire Audio’s Portland, Oregon workshop. Their team of skilled builders pours their time and attention into each earphone they construct. The attention to detail paid throughout the process ensures your Solaris will be a world-class earphone unlike any other.

The new Super Smoky Litz cable is made from four large conductors of Silver-plated Copper Litz wire. Each conductor is individually comprised of a selected set of particular diameter strands. The Super Smoky Litz cable is the perfect balance of physical gauge and performance.

Which Campfire Model for Me?

When choosing a Campfire model there are a few important considerations…

  • The first is which model(s) fit within your budget.
  • The second is whether your amplifier/device has better synergy with a Dynamic Driver, Balanced Armatures, or a combination of the two.
  • The third is which kind of sonic characteristics you prefer.


Dynamic Driver vs. Balanced Armature

An IEM Dynamic Driver is like a miniature version of the drivers in your stereo speakers, where electromagnetic impulses move the driver membrane forward and backward. Dynamic Driver sound is rounder, with more groove and body, and is best paired with an amp and music with adequate detail and articulation.

A Balanced Armature is an even smaller assembly, where electromagnetic impulses vibrate tiny rods and those vibrations travel through a membrane. Balanced Armature sound is more finely-detailed, dynamic, fast, and has greater extension, but is also less forgiving and is best paired with an amp and music with adequate warmth and body.

* Don’t hesitate to call us for our feedback on which models are the best fit for your equipment and preferences.


Driver Architecture by Model
Campfire Audio

Note: The Equinox and the Solstice are custom-fit models that require a scan of your ear canals by an Audiologist.


“This new and updated version of Campfire Audio’s Solaris is without doubt the best pair of high-end earphones I think I’ve ever reviewed. Of course, they probably should be for the price. However, what Campfire Audio has done is to take the brilliantly detailed qualities of three balanced armature drivers and successfully blended them with a large dynamic driver and produced an utterly sublime sound that covers a breathtakingly wide frequency range. The sound is fulsome and detailed without ever feeling harsh or tiring. The advanced acoustic treatment chamber produces a sound that could have been created in heaven. As well as their gorgeously smooth and detailed sound, the Solaris feel incredibly well made, almost as if they were crafted purely for my personal listening pleasure.”


The Headphone List
“Those who enjoyed the Solaris’ low-end will have a mostly familiar experience here, trading just a little energy and separation for a more natural timbre. The midrange makes most appreciable changes to me, also seeing greater linearity with a more balanced upper-midrange, in particular. The overall signature remains somewhat W-shaped, with a powerful bass, prominent vocals and crisp treble with dips between for separation. The tone also remains clean, however, there’s a little bit more body to be derived from the low-end which means that, though there’s a loss of density and smoothness in the upper-midrange, the presentation doesn’t become thin or bright.”


Audiophile On
“In 2018 Campfire Audio, too much fanfare, released their highly regarded Solaris earphones. It was a significant departure from the companies industrial looking designs and added yet another option for IEM users looking for an endgame audio experience. They were terrific earphones and the ones that I came to use as my daily drivers for the past to years and the standard by which I measured other earphones.

There was very little I disliked about the original Solaris earphones. It was interesting to see an updated version for 2020, and while these are not a revolutionary change on the original, they are better in every way. So if you want to know more about the Campfire Audio Solaris 2020, feel free to read the rest of this review.”
“The signature as a whole has an effortless aspect to it that is really astounding, adding to the beauty of the natural character of sound signature. The decays seem to be a little laid back helping with the realism of experience. Coupled with the strong refined mids, immersive staging, impacting bass and precise transition aspects makes the Solaris one of the most pleasurable well tuned earphones that the team at have had the chance to experience.”




  • 5Hz–20 kHz Frequency Response
  • 94 dB SPL @ 1kHz: 6.54 mVrms
  • 15.5 Ohms @ 1kHz Impedance
  • Less than 1% Total Harmonic Distortion



  • Durable Black PVD Finished Body
  • Dual Custom Balanced Armature Drivers + T.A.E.C. (High)
  • Single Updated Custom Balanced Armature Driver (Mid)
  • Specially Tuned 10mm Dynamic Driver (Mid + Low)
  • Plasma enhanced Chemical Vapor Depostion (C.V.D.) Amorphous
  • Diamond Like Carbon (A.D.L.C.) Diaphragm.
  • Beryllium / Copper MMCX Connections
  • Stainless Steel Spout


Download the Solaris 2020 User Manual


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