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Bakoon – AMP-41 Integrated Amplifier
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Jaguar is a North America importer of Bakoon Products...designed in Japan and manufactured in South Korea. The Japanese have a meticulous drive for sonic perfection and the Korean's manufacture some of the finest quality products in the world. The AMP-41R is the next-generation little brother to Bakoon's flagship amplifier, the Amp-51R.... Click To Read More
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Countries Shipped USA
Burn-In Time 250 Hours
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Bakoon – AMP-41 Integrated Amplifier


Jaguar is a North America importer of Bakoon Products…designed in Japan and manufactured in South Korea. The Japanese have a meticulous drive for sonic perfection and the Korean’s manufacture some of the finest quality products in the world. The AMP-41R is the next-generation little brother to Bakoon’s flagship amplifier, the Amp-51R.


Product Description

The Bakoon Amp-41R is Bakoon’s second most powerful amplifier, containing the AMP-41R contains the same lit-up Bakoon character that allows the listener to hear miles deep into music. With its revolutionary SATRI-IC, Digital Controlled Stepped Attenuator, Zero Set Bias technologies, the AMP-41R takes listeners to a whole new level. Precisely designed and machined aluminum cases ensure both beautiful aesthetics and functionality, with internal copper heat sinks and remote control.

The Amp-41 has half the power of the 100-watt Amp-51 and a slightly simplified circuit; this is the better choice for speakers having higher sensitivity, at about half the cost. Here’s how Bakoon describes the difference:

“while compared to the AMP-51R the AMP-41 may read a bit inferior, it actually is a big step up from our previous generation of amplifiers. The AMP-51R is really the very best we can do and the no-compromise version of our amplifier platform. The AMP-41 is for those who want to enjoy most of our latest achievements at a far lower price. Again, we consider the AMP-41’s pricing very aggressive for its quality.” –Bakoon

Bakoon’s proprietary interconnects can be used to connect the Bakoon DAC-21 to this unit in current drive mode, which is very unique, compared to the voltage mode of the vast majority of audio components.


“Things continued on in the same spirit of brilliance. Having just come off a €9’000 tube amp, I frankly found the qualitative delta in performance disturbing. Within its first musical bar, the AMP-41 already behaved like a truly special widebander fronted by a fast low-power amp of exceptional refinement. The 150wpc valve amp painted itself as an inefficient time/phase-confused multi-way with heavy drivers still stuck in first gear if not reverse.”

“This sensation of musical energy that’s been somehow set free to trigger us unimpeded is uncanny. It takes no time or training to hear.”

“Our nCore-500 class D monos with discrete opamps and discrete regulators on their custom input buffer too are crystal clear. Yet they lack Bakoon’s obvious gush factor. They behave far more damped or buttoned up. Unless preceded by deliberately seasoned ancillaries to compensate for their leanness, they also lack its tonal effulgence. Whilst some of that can be annexed, it can’t overwrite high feedback’s innate damping and dryness…Where the AMP-41 expands is with more bandwidth and linearity than widebanders; and a juicier more alive feel than nCore.”

“At 55wpc and €5’000/pr, our DC-coupled ultra-bandwidth German LinnenberG Allegro monos driven by our €12’000 Nagra Jazz in zero-gain mode come very close to the AMP-41’s cluster of qualities. Still, I’d give the 50wpc $9’000 Bakoon a small lead in the paired aspects of lucidity plus elasticity.”

“By performing at about 20-bit resolution—engineers call that the practical limit for analog circuits due to the thermal noise of basic parts like resistors—the AMP-41’s ~120dB S/N ratio trumped the tube amp’s published 83dB S/NR by more than 6 bits or nearly 40dB. This offset in magnification explains why at ~13.5-bit effective resolution, the tubes failed to recover the finer recorded ambiance upon which the overlay of original venue on our own relies and which the AMP-41 laid bare so effortlessly. It’s the difference between the subjective listener perspectives of “they’re here” versus “I’m there”.”

“This also explains why the Bakoon came on song already at very subdued levels. Like a hi-eff speaker, it was fully on in first gear. To fill out and incarnate, the other amp needed to get rather louder.”

“To feel transported into recorded reality (elsewhere) depends on our being able to participate in its space. We must be able to hear it. Only then do we virtually see it. And it is in that seeing—which, somehow, involves more than just our ears—that ordinary recorded sounds unfurl into a seemingly living presence we call the perfect stereo illusion. Needless to say, an amp of Bakoon’s calibre excels at this. No so-called hi-rez material is required; just good 16-bit 44.1kHz recordings.”

“I’ve certainly noticed how extended exposure to wide-bandwidth DC-coupled amps makes standard amps sound slow, fuzzy, indistinct and distant to various degrees. Now going back to those becomes less and less attractive. It’s why I’ve sworn off tube amp ownership.”

“In performance terms, the Bakoon would score perfect technique with immaculate timing, beautiful phrasing, strong expressivity, bona fide artistic presence and a light-filled rich but not heavy tone.”

“If your hifi travels have gotten you to that place; and the type of lucid but fluidly elegant sound I described is your final destination… then today’s AMP-41 ticks all the boxes. I suspect it’s the model Bakoon needed to have to really make their mark on the global scene.”

“listening to the Bakoon International AMP-41 is remarkable experience by an innovative product. A welcome addition to the quest for audio enjoyment!”

“my audio betters compel me to seek innovative products to write about and share with readers. I mention all this as a preface to discussing the Bakoon International AMP-41 amplifier. In style and sound, the AMP-41 is unabashedly current. There’s nothing nostalgic about the AMP-41.”

“Be forewarned, though, your first listen to the AMP-41 may put you in unfamiliar territory. It certainly did for me. Once I allowed the amp to complete its startup sequence of checking the incoming AC voltage, temperature, and calibration of the output stage’s bias, it’s crystal clear that this amp sounds, well, crystal clear.”

“The AMP-41, however, doesn’t really sound like any of the other amps I’ve reviewed. To say it sounds “open” is not quite right; “translucent” would be nearer to the mark. It’s hard for me to describe what the AMP-41 is doing, other than thinking that it has less audio dark matter than other amps I’ve heard.”

“The experience of listening to music with the AMP-41 was always rewarding and, given the right source, exceptionally so.”

“From my research, I learned that the SATRI circuit, unlike most traditional amps that amplify by voltage, amplifies current, thus eliminating all negative feedback.”

“Really, the immediacy and transparency of this amp when playing music is startling… and addictive.”


Maximum Power Output 50 watts in Stereo (8 Ω, 1 kHz)
Gain 23 dB max.
Gain Control MPU Controlled 50 Stepped Attenuator
Frequency Response 10 Hz ~ 500 kHz
Input 2 SATRI-LINK (BNC), 2 Voltage (RCA)
Input Impedance 3.68 Ω (SATRI-LINK), 10 kΩ (Voltage)
Output 5 Way WBT Binding Post
User Interface Encoder with a built in switch, Remote Controller
Signal/Noise Ratio (Output Noise) less than 1 mV (gain at + 0 dB)
DC Offset Drift less than 1 mV
Power Consumption 300 watts max.
Dimensions 425 mm (W) x 345 mm (D) x 103 mm (H)
Weight 15 kg (net), 16.5 kg (shipping)


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