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Triple AC Power Enhancer By Akiko Audio
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7 reviews
Product Summary:
The Akiko Audio Triple AC Enhancer is the follow up to the AC Tuning Stick and is one of the most popular products in Jaguar's history. Plug the device into your mains outlet or power conditioner and be amazed at how cleansing the ground of very high-frequency noise will transform the sound of your system.... Click To Read More
Trial Period 45 Days
Countries Shipped Worldwide
Burn-In Time 20 Hours
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Triple AC Power Enhancer By Akiko Audio

(7 customer reviews)


The Akiko Audio Triple AC Enhancer is the follow up to the AC Tuning Stick and is one of the most popular products in Jaguar’s history. Plug the device into your mains outlet or power conditioner and be amazed at how cleansing the ground of very high-frequency noise will transform the sound of your system.

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Product Description

The Akiko Triple AC Enhancer is about 3x as large as the Akiko AC Tuning Stick, which is still an excellent choice if the Triple is beyond your budget or the cost is out of line with the rest of your system. The Triple is obviously more powerful and a bigger bang-for-the-buck in its purification of your power. Read the 6Moons review below and you’ll see why the engineers at Akiko are gaining a reputation as some of the world’s foremost experts in audio power filtration.

There are three compartments inside the Triple, with three active materials and brought together in a stylish woven carbon housing and stabilized with black resin to suppress unwanted microphonic effects. The metal foil label is energetically treated (comparable to WA Quantum chips). This all works together with applied new discoveries in the field of high-frequency noise suppression. The efficacy has been demonstrated through laboratory measurements, which demonstrate the suppression of high-frequency noise, thus leading to more pleasant music rendering throughout the audio spectrum. Audition a Triple and we guarantee it will blow you away.


Which improvements can you expect?

– Analog Sound: Immediately audible and not subtle!

– Music is experienced as more natural, cleaner and relaxed.

– Remarkable improvements of the voice rendering; fuller sounds and less troublesome sibilant-‘S’ sounds.



– In your power conditioner or power strip.

– In the mains outlet.


“…the first tones made clear how the sound had changed. Michiel Borstlap’s Steinway gained in soundboard presence. The Spruce wood became more ‘woody’. There was no shift in timbre or tonality, just a riddance of sonic stress. Things got more relaxed and soothing.”

“Notes flowed more liquid and tones were more organic. Still, the sound of steely strings hit in the piano’s higher registers remained unaltered, not smoothed or filtered. Enriched is the word which describes what happened best even though it could imply that something was added which is not the case.”

“Experimenting with and without the Akiko Triple AC demonstrated how the emotional content of this recording was highly ‘under the influence’…With the help of the big black stick, we felt far more pulled into the music.”

“Playing the album’s fully electrified music with and without the Triple AC proved again how that Dutch device is almost essential to extracting the most of any recording.”

“regardless of exactly how the Akiko Triple AC works, it is one of the most effective accessories on the current audio aftermarket. It’s absolutely fair price makes it an ideal Xmas stocking or the perfect gift for the music lover on any occasion – even if said music lover ends up buying it herself. Whenever a hifi accessory is under consideration, the Triple AC must be a mandatory choice.”


  • The wiring of the Triple AC Enhancer is solely connected to the ground pin, which is absolutely safe.
  • The product does not contain any metals, ferrite or power filtering on the inside.
  • Carbon housing length: 160 mm (6.25″).
  • Weight: 650 grams (1.43lb).
  • The Triple AC Enhancer is the high-end premium version of the Akiko Audio Tuning Stick AC.

7 reviews for Triple AC Power Enhancer By Akiko Audio

  1. pankajhealthblogger

    Huge improvement in low-level resolution and blacker background. Build quality-excellent.

  2. Anonymous (verified owner)

    This things works. As the professional reviews describe, increased spaciousness and resolution. I was surprised what it does to the bass in my system, sounds better defined and integrated. I’ve spent way more to get less. Highly recommended.

  3. ruben Torres (verified owner)

    I got 4 of them. Everyone added have improve the sound, in every way describe by the manufacturer. A rare gem in the moody world of audio tweaks.

  4. Landok (verified owner)

    I’ve been doing audio as a hobby for a very long time. All throughout I’ve added various enhancement gadgets to make the sound better. Invariably there were those that provided some of the intended effect. For the most part I was trying to convince myself that there was an improvement. However, I could not really pin point where the improvement was. I just perceived it to be better. I came across the Triple AC when I called Jaguar Audio and spoke to Darin about a transaction with the Akiko Phono Booster that I just received. In the course of our conversation he talked extensively about the Triple AC. He talked about the idea, design and effect of the Triple AC. He offered a return option if I wasn’t happy with it. I don’t know if Darin is an engineer but his talk about the significance of a clean AC power going through one’s audio system convinced me to try the product.
    I now have the Triple AC in my system for about a week and I know that I am not sending it back. When I first plugged it in to my power conditioner, I put on some cds to play but did not stay in my music room to listen. I went about doing other things and did not pay attention to the music being played. On the second day I again started playing cds with no intention of sitting down to really listen. On occasion though, I could here sounds from familiar cds that I didn’t notice before and I was in the living room. I was now compelled to sit and listen. Wow!..was my reaction. Everything just sounded so clear as if the performers were in my small listening room. I ended up listening to my favourite vinyls and cds for most of the day. I was experiencing all the superlatives that audio journalists use to describe a real great sounding system. I notice vast improvement with vinyls and the cds sounded analog. There is music playing through my system. The layering of various musical instruments in a given music is stunning. Vocals are so clear and almost tangible but not at all in your face. The entire soundstage appear to be behind my stereo system. I wish I could describe this more accurately but couldn’t. However, the experience is so pleasant, grainless and non fatiguing….you’ll end up listening for a very long time.
    I urge all audiophiles to try this gadget. Its a stunning revelation of how a relatively inexpensive product can really change your system. I thank Darin for introducing me to this product and for being so kind and understanding about the whole transaction.
    I’m listing my equipment to give other readers some ideas of what the Triple AC is enhancing.

    Sugden Signature A21SE Class A Integrated Amp
    Denon DP A100 Direct Drive Turntable
    Audio Technica ART9 MC cartridge
    Clearaudio Concept MC Turntable
    Denon A100 MC Cartridge
    Soundsmith Boheme MI Cartridge
    Naim CD5 Si CD Player
    Moon Neo 310LP Phono Preamp
    Rogue Audio Ares Tube Phono Preamp with tube upgrades
    Cambridge CXU Universal Blu Ray player
    PMC Twenty5 36 Speakers
    All Zu Mission cabling
    Grant Fidelity Power Conditioner

  5. Wayne Kelly

    I’ve tried the Universal tuning modules an I was so impressed that I returned a $7k interconnect! Today I received the AC Triple an immediately I knew this was something special.
    I am just a novice but I know what I have with this unit, namely Satisfaction! My system has elevated to a level that I have only thought possible with extremely highend amplifiers or some exotic speaker combination that I see in the magazines. I have only been listening for a few hours now but I can not wait till my friends drop by to audition it, just to see their reactions when I tell them what I paid for sound quality that truly surpasses anything they have. Many thanks to the Engineering staff, you have made a believer out of me. 5 STARS******

  6. Anonymous

    I installed the Akiko Triple on my main power conditioner in my system. I let is sit for 2 days per their recommendation. The difference was immediately noticeable. The background is blacker, the sounds stage is bigger. Things sound more natural, analog would be the word that comes to mind. Ripped CD’s sound far less digital. Adele’s Hello sounds much more natural. With the Devialet 250 there was a little edge, the Akiko Triple smooths the edge. I also find less fatigue when listening. I ended up installing a second Akiko Triple on my power conditioner where my NAS resides. My NAS is downstairs near the electrical box. The effect compounds with a second unit.

    I reverse tested everything a number of times, removing the Triple from the system. The effects were reversed every time.

    I have to do more a/b testing but contrast and color look improved on my projector. All of my source components are plugged into the power conditioner with the Akiko Triple.

  7. Mitch Fukumoto

    I’ve tried many plug-in AC noise filters (Nordost QV2, Shunyata Defender, PS Audio Noise Harvesters, Audioprism Quitelines,). None made such a dramatic improvement as the Akiko. Huge improvement in low-level resolution and blacker background. Build quality-excellent.

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