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Jaguar Customer Service


Jaguar can ship to virtually any address around the world. However, some manufacturers do not allow us to ship their products to certain countries outside the US. The countries available for shipping is shown at the top of each product page. When placing an order you can contact us for an estimated delivery date, which is based primarily on the availability of your items.

Shipments outside the United States are guaranteed only to the US border (as shown by tracking) and are not insured for damage; you may contact us to add shipping insurance to your order. International shipping insurance can be expensive and most customers choose not to add it, but the option is yours’. Jaguar is also not responsible for any foreign Customs delays or disputes.


Jaguar accepts payment with PayPal, Credit/Debit Card, Money Order, Bank Check, Personal Check and Bank Wire. Personal checks require time to clear the bank, which is typically 5 business days. We reserve the right to restrict payments to certain types for some products or countries.

When you select Money Order, Bank/Personal Check or Bank Wire, after completing the order you’ll see the mailing address and/or bank information in the checkout window and you’ll also receive an email with the same information.

Sale and Discount Terms

  • Sale and Discount offers may not be combined on an item.
  • Demo and Used items are not eligible for Sale or Discount offers.
  • Trial Periods do not apply to Demo and Used items.

Product Inventory

Jaguar stocks most products that sell regularly. In the case of certain items requiring extensive storage space, not in regular demand, or are extremely expensive, these are special-ordered and either ship from Jaguar or are drop-shipped by the manufacturer. Regardless of whether the product is kept in our inventory, Jaguar will always work to get your products to you as quickly as possible and will keep you informed on the current status of your order.

Trial Periods

  • All products must be returned in new condition and with all original packaging, accessories, and instructions.
  • The Trial Period begins the day the package is delivered.
  • Trial Periods apply only to new products purchased at the full retail price.
  • The Trial Period Length is shown at the top of each product page, as well as whether the trial is eligible for Refund, Exchange, or there is no Trial.
  • Most Jaguar products require a certain number of Break-In hours to reach their full sonic potential and sometimes don’t sound very good before they’re fully broken in. The top of each product page shows the approximate number of break-in hours. Inadequate break-in is the most common reason for returns we receive, so please take break-in very seriously. If you’re going to need more time with a product, contact us.
  • Jaguar reserves the right to limit the number of products purchased on trial at the same time. This is not a frequent issue but if it is we’ll contact you as we process your order.

Jaguar Headquarters

Jaguar is headquartered in Downtown Bellevue, WA (approximately 7 miles from Downtown Seattle). Local clients often call us to ask if we have a retail storefront open to the public for listening sessions. As our online business has evolved and grown, meeting with potential clients for listening sessions became unworkable given our staffing level. The Jaguar Listening Space is used predominantly for inventory storage, shooting product videos, and occasional parties.

However, our doors are open almost every day to local clients for order pick up. Nearly all our products are offered with an extensive in-home trial period, which allows you to fully burn in and work with the gear in your own system.

Returns and RMAs

If a product is not performing as expected, please call or email us. We’ll work with you to see if we can solve the problem. Issues can be often resolved with just a discussion about your system, in combination with our knowledge and experience from working with the products. Inadequate break-in time is the most common culprit of dissatisfaction. Many of the products Jaguar offers sound substantially different (and not for the better) before the break in process is fully complete.

  • When returning an item, send an email to for an RMA# and to arrange the details. All returns must be shipped with a delivery signature confirmation.
  • Return items must be postmarked within 5 business days (1 week) after the Trial Period ends and the package must be sent with a delivery signature confirmation.


Refund time is dependent on the transit time for us to receive your package from your shipper and the time to process your return once we receive it (usually 3 to 5 business days). Once we submit the refund request to the payment processor it can take up to 5 additional business days for the funds to reach your account; PayPal refunds are almost immediate but credit/debit card transactions have additional processing time imposed by the bank, which is out of our control. We do our best to process refunds as quickly as possible.


Jaguar believes in making it easy for our customers to progress in their audiophile journey. To encourage you to come back to Jaguar next time we offer trades. We apply some basic guidelines for trade transactions.

  • Only items purchased from Jaguar are eligible for trade.
  • Trade items must be in perfect working condition.
  • Trade credit value generally ranges from full credit to 33% of the original price, depending on the resale value and the amount of the new item.
  • Only one trade item is allowed per transaction.
  • Original costs to Jaguar for postage and payment fees are subtracted from the total.
  • Fuses, bulk cable, and non-resaleable items are not eligible for trade.

Talk to Jaguar

At we have extensive knowledge and experience with the products we offer. Whether your goal is to find a unit that works well with the rest of your system or just one that possesses certain sonic characteristics you’re going for, a quick call or email to Jaguar can give you added perspective to find the one that’s exactly right for you.