Welcome to the JAGUAR BLOG

We’re passionate about audio and judging by the fact that you’re here, so are you.  In our travels, our friendships, our studies and our listening we learn more about this discipline than we ever imagined possible, but there’s much further to go.

Yes…we are Audiophiles and we’re not about to try to claim we’re anything else.  This is a hobby, a lifestyle, a discipline, an obsession and anything else you wish to make it.  You may imagine you could play the sax like Coltrane the guitar like Hendrix or sing like Jagger, but with audio, your art is recreating theirs’.  And in the end, it doesn’t matter whether anyone else likes your sound more than you do.

Around these parts we favor boutique audio products over the popular brand name products typically found in electronics stores.  Nothing wrong with a Sony amplifier or a pair of Infinity speakers, we’re just more into gear built on a small scale, by bootstrapped designers, who you hear about on the forums or online magazines frequented by our sphere of audiophiles.

At this moment, we’re entering a golden age of audio.  A convergence of matured digital processors and the computer is well underway, digital music files will reach a 32/384 and DSD 5.6 apex within 5 years and the Internet and shrinking electronic devices are making us all into potential musicians, recording engineers and DJs.   Audio gear is better than ever before and breakthroughs with nano materials and other new technologies keep coming…it follows that these elements will eventually combine to produce a new era of amazing recording artists and we intend to be ready for it.

We hope you find this to be a place where you can derive a lot of value in your own audio adventures and we can learn from each other.


Listen on,

Darin Forkenbrock